* Transportation Design

Ben taught a Senior Transportation Design studio course at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn from 2008-2011.  In this year-long course, each student conceived, developed, and presented a functional motorized vehicle that had either 2 or 3 wheels and maintained  an 80% lateral symmetry.   The vehicle had fit within an existing product category such as a motorcycle, a scooter, an ATV, etc.

Abstract 3D sketching provided a starting point that lead to concrete design concepts:

After each student identified his vehicle concept and created a consumer profile, the design was thoroughly developed aesthetically to create a pleasing and unified design.  This was achieved through numerous iterative drawing and model-making techniques.  Color treatments of the designs were also completed to finalize the stylistic initiative:

By the end of the year, each student had a very rich and realized design development to show in his portfolio: